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Well that was fun. =)

on September 5, 2011

We’re back from camping…. had a BLAST.  In spite of the 95 degree weather (whew! hot much?), trip highlights included:

  • jumping/swimming/fishing in the river (sadly no floating, but we didn’t really miss it)
  • Chinese-fire-drill-style lunch stops during the six hour car ride when T1 was asleep.  We’d pull over, but keep the music going and the car on, and one of us would run in and grab lunch while the other stayed with the sleeping six year old. Ah, the things you do as a parent to keep your sleeping child SLEEPING.
  • Monopoly Deal.  We went by goodwill before the trip to get T1 an old ratty pair of tennis shoes for camping (believe it or not she didn’t have any, since all her shoes are nice and new for school!), and happened upon a set of MD priced at $1.  Since we love regular monopoly, we tried it… and got hooked.  <3.  Seriously, try it.
  • Hiking. T1 actually hiked!!!!  Shorty and I could only stare at each other in wonder- our daughter, who usually has kiniptions if we so much as go on a walk around the neighborhood (“Mommy! my legs are tired! Moms- my ELBOWS are tired!!!” -yes, true story. she regularly tries to tell us her elbows are tired when we take walks.)- anywhoo, she actually HIKED. for a couple miles, no less! She walked in front for quite a long time, leading the way and waving a stick to break all the spiderwebs in our way.  Even on the way back, when she was getting tired, we only got a few halfhearted “Are we done yets” and “my legs are tireds”… and then when we got back in sight of the trailhead, she broke into a run all the way back to the car.  Tired legs indeed.  Anyways, so perhaps all that’s been missing from our walks this entire time is a forest and some sticks? 🙂

So, this morning is back to work for Shorty, and recovery morning for T1 and I.  The recovery period probably won’t last long though, since every time I look around my house I am wincing at what a disaster zone it is from the pre-camping packing frenzy and just general Life.  So probably a cleaning day for us.  In the meantime… pictures!!! All taken from my cell phone, since we forgot until we were about ready to go that our camera died back in December at Disneyland, and we couldn’t find the charger for the other one.  Ah, well.

PS: On an unrelated note… tomorrow is D-day.  When I get into work tomorrow, I’m telling Dr. Asshole I’m leaving, and that this week will be my last there.  Scary but also really exciting!

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One response to “Well that was fun. =)

  1. X says:

    LOVE me some banana boats! Good luck tomorrow!

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