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Baby shower =)

on August 19, 2011

No, not ours. =) We’re throwing our very pregnant friend (Shorty’s best friend) a baby shower tomorrow, so I thought I’d do a post or two of some of the projects we’ve been working on for this shower.  Today, it’s all about the Diaper Cake we made for our gift to the parents-to-be. It was somuchfun!

We started out with the center of the “cake” being a bottle of lavender baby shampoo, and the base of the cake being a piece of cardboard covered in a ducky receiving blanket she put on her registry. We rolled up a ton ‘o diapers, tied ’em with some ribbon, and we were off to a great start!

Next, we added even MORE diapers and hid the ugly ribbons/rubber bands (we resorted to rubber bands when we ran out of ribbon, lol) with a pretty brown/blue stripe ribbon.

We added another tier and kept right on truckin’!


Once we got the third and final tier added, we decided it was time to decorate the layers with some goodies we’d gotten.  First up… a rubber ducky, of course!  This one is sooooo fitting, considering both parents-to-be are Correctional Officers and wear uniforms not unlike the one Ducky is wearing to work every day!

And others, including a bottle brush, baby teethers, wipes, and another receiving blanket.

We took the extra diapers (there were only three left!) and wrapped them up all perty…

The final item on the agenda was, of course, a cake topper! Baby-to-be’s name is Dawson, so we painted a big letter D for the finishing touch on the cake:

And wa-la! A finished Diaper Cake!

What do you think?  It was my first Diaper Cake that we’ve ever made, and also the first baby shower I’ve ever thrown!  So I hope they like it.  Next on the agenda are the Baby-Peek-a-Boo Cupcakes… we started them last night, so I’ll update this tomorrow probably with pictures of that project.

And while I’m at it… anyone have any ideas for easy, cheap (as in not requiring us to buy a ton of supplies) baby shower games? We seem to have the food and decorations well in hand, but aren’t sure what to do about games.  We’re going to have onesie painting (might turn into bib painting, seeing as how we can’t find any onesies for under $2 each (we have 30+ people coming… $2/onesie would get expensive fast!) and the shower is tomorrow!).  We also have the game where you get a safety pin at the start of the shower and then if you say the word “baby” you lose your pin… Any others?  What did you do at your shower (if you’ve had one)?

2 responses to “Baby shower =)

  1. prettyisa says:

    For my friend’s shower we did two things that I thought worked really well. One is that we got a bunch of random baby food and a set of baby spoons and had everyone taste-test and guess what they were eating (it’s harder than it sounds) with a little prize for the most correct. The other thing is that we wrote different ages on slips of paper, each drew one, and each wrote a letter to the baby for those birthdays (I got 16, so I wrote a funny driving story about her parents). It was sweet and I think people liked having something meaningful to do alongside all the fun. Great diaper cake! I love the ducky!

  2. the cake looks great!!
    (sorry, im no help on the shower games – we just socialized at ours)

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