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Free FRER tests and one other public service announcement:

on August 17, 2011

First… the public service announcement:


Followed by the explanation:

Went running yesterday. First time in months. That is all.  Whimper.


Second (and probably what you came here for)… for anyone out there who needs ’em or may need ’em soon- you can get FREE FRER tests at target right now.  Or you could get cheap FR OPKs or fertility tests…  I’ve gotten into couponing lately and discovered this deal, and figured who better to share it with than a bunch of TTC lesbos? 😉

Here’s how:

1) Print off two $2 off any first response product at fir.str.esponse dot com

2) Go to coupons dot tar.g.et dot com.  Under “health care,” print off two $2 off FR coupons

3) Take all four coupons to target. Ask confused-looking young punk Target guy to point you towards the tampons and pregnancy tests, and laugh a little to yourself when he blushes bright red and then leads the way. (okay, you can skip this step if you want, but I think it’s the best part).

4) for the free deal, get the 7.99 two pack pregnancy tests. Look on the packaging- some of the packs are bonus 3-for-the-price-of-two packs and some of them offer a mail in rebate, buy one get one free. Get one of both.  If you’re looking for the OPKs instead, you still need to get one of the prego packs with the rebate offer, and then pick up a box of FR OPKs.

5) Pay at the register.  Assuming you got just the pregnancy tests, with coupons you will deduct $8 and end up paying only $8- which is already a 2/1 deal.

6) Save that receipt! When you get home, open your test boxes. Cut out the UPCs on each, fill out the rebate form, circle your original (pre-coupon) purchase price and mail all of it in to the company. Once you get your rebate back, you will have succeeded at getting some expensive-ass pregnancy tests, free! =)

I did this last night, gonna go get a few more packs tonight.  I figure it doesn’t hurt, and as long as they don’t expire before I want to use them then we’re good to go! yay. =)


One response to “Free FRER tests and one other public service announcement:

  1. X says:

    I love this! Savings AND baby!

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