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Disaster at the fair- Updated

on August 14, 2011

Well, they say blogging can be therapeutic and it’s time for this blog to serve that function, if only for a night. I wanted to make note and express my sadness at something that happened tonight.

We got some pretty strong thunderstorms here in Indy tonight, with a 77mph gust reported in the town Shorty and I live in. I didn’t think much of it (no tornado warning attached so therefore nothing to worry about was the thinking, although there was a severe thunderstorm warning) but then I found out on the news that at the time of the strong wind, there was a Sugarland concert going on at the state fair. The wind blew over the stage onto the crowd at the fair, crushing many people beneath it. Four people were killed and many others injured.

It’s truly very sad… I can’t stop thinking about the people who died. They went out for an evening of good fun and perhaps some beer- but no one expects to die at a concert at the state fair. Reports were that one of the fatalities was a baby… Letitnotbetrue. Definitely holding all those affected in my heart tonight. Sad.

***Update- I wanted to update this.  Since I posted, another person has succumbed to injuries, making it a total of 5 people dead.  This thing is huge, all over the news (even BBC has pictures) but the general feeling in Indianapolis, from the people I’ve talked to and the morning radio show conversation and such, seems to be disbelief.  Can’t believe this happened. Can’t believe this happened here. HOW could this happen.  People are very much still processing- everyone is talking about it, there’s a memorial service at the fairgrounds this morning, etc.  I’m still feeling very very sad, even though I didn’t know anyone who was injured or killed.  Like Shorty said, “It just goes to show you never know when it’s your last day.”   Poor people.


5 responses to “Disaster at the fair- Updated

  1. zunzunbobo says:

    just read about that. so horrible…

  2. Zunzunbobo says:

    One of the people killed was a queer activist in chicago. A big loss for the community…

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  4. Momma L says:

    this just makes me sad.

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