Raising a Blended Family


on August 1, 2011

Well, we’ve reached the wonderful ripe old age of six and so far it doesn’t feel any different than age five… except for the back-talking.  All day, all night, whenever anyone says anything to her, T1 has a smart remark back or a glare at the very least.  It’s getting tiring on both sides- we’re tired of hearing it, and I’m pretty sure she’s tired of standing in time out or going to her room for it. Just this morning, as they were getting ready to head out to T@rget to pick up T1’s birthday surprise (an above ground swimming pool in which we will be hosting a belated backyard pool party birthday bash this weekend), Shorty told T1 to go do something and T1 told Shorty not to boss her around and just to worry about herself (which, incidentally, is something we tell her when she’s being “nosy” or bossing other children around).  But it certainly is NOT a phrase meant to be parroted back to one’s parents when they tell you to do a task. Really, child?

I’m sure this is all normal boundary-testing self-asserting behavior and I know our job is to guide T1 into more productive, and less, well… rude ways of asserting herself and all of her six-year-old authority…  but all I can say for the moment is that I’m excited for this phase to be over and done with (if it ever is) and I’m excited for back-to-school (next Wednesday).


2 responses to “Smartmouth.

  1. zunzunbobo says:

    sigh. that does sound exhausting, and i hope T1 moves quickly from this phase. for what it’s worth, i was a fantastically back-talking little girl. and i’m a pretty sassy grown person. there are worse things than raising a smartmouthed strong-willed girlchild, even as trying on the patience as i’m sure it is 😉

  2. A (A&K) says:

    ahh, that sounds like visions of 6 year old me 🙂 I had my mouth washed out with soap (!!!) more times than I can count for being a back-talking, smart assed child. ha! Good luck!! 🙂

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