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Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer…

on July 28, 2011

…anyone know where the title’s from? No? Gilmore girls, anyone?  Favorite. show. EVER (Shorty loves it too…)- and no it has nothing to do with the hotness of Lauren Graham running around in pencil skirts and adorable dresses. Ahem.

Anyyyyyywaaaayyysssss…  Sorry I haven’t posted much lately- the title really does describe my current life though.  Lazy on some days, bored out of our skulls, kept inside due to the incredible ongoing heat wave we’ve all been swamped with… and then other days (work days, mainly) have been redonkulis.  Both Shorty and I have had some reaaaaally crazy days here lately… days where we come home from work completely drained and stressed out, and rely on our partner to uphold us, support us, pour us a nice glass of wine and make us eat dinner.  Those kinda days.   Luckily for Shorty, these max-stress days are relatively rare- she really loves her job, but sometimes because of the unique position she’s in at work, it gets really stressful and busy and overwhelming for her.  As for me… well, let’s just say I can’t wait until October.  If you recall, I have qualifying exams (that I.am.dreading.) coming up at the end of September.  For better or for worse, I have decided to face them head on… if I pass, great, I have an automajic (free, except for the blood sweat and tears I paid) Master’s degree.  If not… at least I’ll know I tried, and I can close this chapter in my life and moooooove on.  Either way, I just want it here and over with… and I want the days of madly collecting data, fending off Dr. Asshole’s attacks, and being ridiculously stressed to be done with. Caput.  I would like to just cruise through life for a little while now, thankyouverymuch.  I think I’ve earned it!

Also, not that I’m focusing on it much right now although I’m trying very hard and failing at not focusing on it right now, the possibility has been brought up of maybe trying again for baby after quals are over… in NOVEMBER, rather than after the beginning of next year.  Meaning, if it worked, we would have a Christmas Day Baby Announcement and have our family unwrap a bunch of cute little baby onesies with “I love my grandma/aunt/uncle/cousin/whatever on them to announce the pregnancy…  how cute would that be?! How great/happy would those holidays be?!  And how awesome if we could actually do it?!  (You see where the failing at not focusing on or being excited part comes in now don’t you?).  The logical side of me of course has to include the following caveats: It is a long way off (and at the same time notsolong).  A lot has to happen between now and then, including the above-mentioned quals and career adjustments that come after it. But assuming I keep on truckin’ here (a definite possibility if I pass my damn quals) or fail and get a new full time full benefits job elsewhere (also a possibility), we should still be on track, two months later, to be able to knock ourselves up.  And next summer when said hypothetical baby would be born, things would have completely simmered down and we’d be golden.

But we’ll see.  It’s not a concrete plan, it’s very much a hey-let’s-wait-and-see-what-happens-but-wouldn’t-it-be-cool-IF plan.  Gotta get through quals first.  Gotta get Candie’s sister K and T1 started back at school first.  Gotta do a million other things first… we’ll see when we see. =)


3 responses to “Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer…

  1. X says:

    Eh, who needs logic?! I’m sure I’ll write this again but good luck with quals!

  2. LaurieAnn says:

    Do you want me to delete your first comment?

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