Raising a Blended Family

Remarkably in-step.

on July 21, 2011

Well, we have no baby, no pregnancy, no sperm and no dewar, but Shorty and I are still remarkably in step with baby names!

We’ve had two names picked out for awhile.  One for a girl, one for a boy.  The girl one, I haven’t budged on.  At all. We both love it. (And, to be clear, I am a highly indecisive person, prone to second-guessing even the soundest of decisions, so the fact that I haven’t even considered changing my mind about our girls’ name is truly a miracle.)

Also a miracle: Shorty and I both agree on these names, hands down.  There was no arguing, squabbling, or pushing-of-names-one-partner-really-likes-onto-the-partner-who-DOESN’T-really-like-them…. there was just “hey, honey, about about blahblah blahblah for a boys name?” And “oh yeah I really like that” and “okay cool.”

And there it was.

Until today, when I ran across a slightly different version of our boys’ name that I like better. LOVE better. Much, much, much, MUCH better- enough to risk disturbing the equilibrium of baby name choosing that we have created in order to ask Shorty what she thought of it.  I may have cringed while I asked it- but I still asked it.

Her response? An enthusiatic and immediate “oh yeah! I like that too!”

And there you have it.  Our favorite boy name just changed and there was no fighting, hair-pulling, or shoving.  Hmmm. For two such opinionated people (oh wait, that’s just me), we are remarkably in step. 🙂


2 responses to “Remarkably in-step.

  1. prettyisa says:

    Oh, man. I wish it were that easy for us–you’re lucky! There’s one name that we fight about constantly–we both like it, but I want the ending to be ‘a’ and she wants it to be ‘i’. I had no idea you could invest so much energy bickering about someone who doesn’t even exist yet…

  2. candice says:

    we have our boys name, and i am not budging on it. i love it. i would change my name to it. haha. the girls, i like it at the moment, but i would change it. but i agree with prettyisa… its crazy how much you could argue on something that is not even there. lol

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