Raising a Blended Family


on June 27, 2011

So, I have news of both the good and bad variety.  Bad first, because then the good can cheer you up! Well… it cheered me up anyways.

The shoo ‘un job that my dad could have gotten that would have allowed my parents to move out here and live 45 minutes away turns out to be… notsoshoo’un. As in, the bastards strung my dad along for MONTHS, promising a job offer and salary details and blah blah blah just as soon as X Y or Z… and then offered it to someone else. =( Why must people suck so bad?  I’m definitely disappointed… it would have been nice for them to live out here and be close to us, as opposed to right now when they’re 2500 miles away. Would’ve made holidays more convenient, at the least.  Sigh.

There’s still a little hope, in the form of another job at another place also within an hourish of us… butfor that job to happen, grant money from the NIH needs to happen, and for anyone who is the least bit familiar with the NIH and how “speedy” their grant process is… well, it’s not. So blah… bummer.

In happier news though, the wedding is just a week away. Yay!  T1 and I are flying out at the end of this week (literally, Friday night lol) so I’ve just gotta make it through a few more work days. I am looking forward to the wedding, of course, but also looking forward to seeing people I haven’t seen in months… or years.  And this weekend is all about me and my bridesmaids (read:bestest friends who I never get to see because we’re spread across the USA… okay fine, I’m the one who did the spreading by moving to Indiana. But anyways)… Shorty will still be in Indiana (her work wouldn’t give her the weekend off) until MONDAY.. yes, that’s right, my fiance will arrive in San Diego a mere 24 hours before our nuptials (less than, actually), and nothatdoesn’tstressmeout, why do you ask?  But the silver lining is that I get a weekend to spend with some of my oldest dearest friends (undoubtedly doing last minute wedding crafts and such, but still quality hang-out time) and it’s going to be GREAT.  And then we are spending fourth of July on the beach all day and doing fireworks and a giant marshmellow fight that night before the wedding that is thankfully in the evening the next day.  What’s that? You haven’t heard of the annual San Diego (Ocean Beach) 4th of July marshmellow fight?



Come Join in.

Any of the above.  I love California.


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