Raising a Blended Family

Limbo Land

on May 30, 2011

Well…. we still don’t know one way or the other.

The negative signs:
-All pregnancy tests so far have been negative (including an EPT taken this morning at 12DPO).

The positive signs:
-Temps remain elevated, although AF isn’t due until tomorrow. So I guess we’ll know at 5am after she temps whether or not it’s worth taking HPTs anymore.

The possible signs (symptoms):
– Exhaustion: Shorty has been completely exhausted all week. We’re not sure what’s up with this, because it happened even on days where she’s gotten plenty of sleep the night before.

– Peeing like a racehorse every few hours, even when she purposely didn’t drink much one day to see if she would still need to pee as much. She did.

– Lack of PMS symptoms- there have been no period cramps, and her boobs, while sore, are not as sore as they usually get. There were slight cramps one day (we didn’t write which day down, drat us!) but they didn’t feel like period cramps, she said.

Soooo, in summary: what gives, Universe? How’s that for a confusing bunch of possible signs and symptoms to interpret? I just want to know- I think I’m ready for the negative, if that’s what it’s going to be, but either way I just wanna know.


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