Raising a Blended Family

We’ll try it!

on May 25, 2011

Oh my gosh, you guys all rock!!! Thanks so much for all the info on cloth diapering.  I can tell you now that we are definitely interested- yes, both of us!!! Truth be told, I think Shorty took one look at all the adorable covers and was sold… 😉 But either way, I can now say this is definitely something we want to do.

A lot of you suggested trying several styles and varieties before committing to one main type of CD, an idea I also like. I actually ran across this kit online, and figured we could pick up a few bumGeniuses or other types too and try them all out before committing.

Of course, even before getting the “test” diapers, we need to have a baby-on-the-way to put INTO said dipes… so to that end I should tell you that we I got impatient this morning and tested (at 7DPO)… and got exactly what I deserved for testing so early, a negative.  I won’t call it a BFN though, since I wholeheartedly believe Shorty is pregnant (and she is beginning to believe it herself, more importantly!).  Her chart seems clearly headed into triphasic territory, which would obviously be awesome (and heartening for me to see, since I can’t convince Shorty to test again until Saturday… sigh).  Either way though, one stick has been peed on and many more to come,  I’m sure.

By the way, stay safe today ya’ll!!!  I don’t know about you, but we’re sitting right on the edge of that lovely “area of high risk” outlined in white by TWC.  Thanks meteorologists, thanks.  May or may not be a bumpy ride tonight!  Anyone else in a similar situation, stay safe and keep your ears peeled!


One response to “We’ll try it!

  1. isa says:

    yay! I didn’t jump in since my experience has mostly been of the ‘changing’ and not the ‘cleaning’ sort, but they’re really nice (and the disposables always seem just a little more gross to me now, for some reason). FX for your next test!

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