Raising a Blended Family

I am the sign seeker.

on May 23, 2011

…and I seek out signs. Specifically, pregnancy signs (and symptoms)!

So far, signs and symptoms as of 5DPO include:

  • Shorty has suddenly taken a liking to Cry.stal Lig.ht Lemonade packets.  I should preface this with the fact that, months ago, she told me she HATED them and asked me to please not buy them anymore.  So I didn’t, but the box of packets (family size servings, mind you) wasn’t empty and I hated to throw it away so it just sat there in the pantry for forever… until the past week or so, when Shorty suddenly has apparently decided she loves the things and has single-handedly demolished the box.
  • Cramping! Shorty had some short-lived, mild cramping today that could definitely fall into the category of possibly-maybe-hopefully implantation cramping. At 5DPO, it’s right around perfect timing for that to happen (from what I understand).
  • Higher-than-normal temp today (almost 98!).
  • I swear her boobs are bigger. 😉

Anyways, as previously noted, if I am the sign-seeker then Shorty is the sign-ignorer.  She has the patience of a saint (at least as far as waiting to find this out is concerned) and seemingly zero interest in playing the symptom-or-not game with me (though she does dutifully report how she’s feeling to me and anything out of the ordinary so that I can play SON by myself… or perhaps it’s just to keep me from bugging the crap out of her asking every three seconds how she’s feeling. Either or).  Every day, I swear we are living proof that opposites attract. I must say, we balance each other perfectly. =)

PS- there is absolutely zero truth in her accusations about peppermint sticks and me.  I swear, I don’t know what she’s talking about. Must be all those raging pregnancy hormones getting to her. 😉

PPS- Testing Day is Saturday.  5 more sleeps!!!


2 responses to “I am the sign seeker.

  1. Liz says:

    She sounds totally pregnant to me! S had some of those same sorts of symptoms around that time. PUPO!

  2. It’s so exciting hearing about symptoms.. but so nervewracking. I know that if this cycle is a fail for us, I’ll be a wreck because I allowed myself to believe every little thing was a sign. If we’re all lucky – these magical signs will be indications of babies growing!

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