Raising a Blended Family

It’s fun until it isn’t, and then you get tired.

on May 22, 2011

I know I know, that’s what she said.  But I’m not talking about sex, so get your mind out of the gutter, you dirty-minded lesbian. 😉

Yesterday, Shorty and I took T1 to a local park to play.

The short story: We ended up playing tag with her (fun) and then we got very very tired (not fun).  That kid can RUN!!!!  I don’t know where she gets her energy but I swear if I had half of it, my house would be spotless and I’d be thinner. Swear.

The long story (as in, why not let the OTHER five-year-olds who DO have energy chase her around- besides the fact that it’s fun for her to play with her mommies, of course) is that when we went to the park yesterday, there was this big huge birthday bash going on at a picnic area right next to the playground… and they had a pinata.  TWO pinatas, actually.  T1 wanted soooooo badly to be at that party!  She actually climbed the nearest play structure and just SAT there, on top, looking over at the huge crowd of people hitting the pinata.  And she stayed there, and watched- she must’ve been up there for at least 10 minutes (I’ve never seen her stay in one place so long!).  Never mind that she was at a park, surrounded by kids playing and way cool stuff to play on… she wanted to be at that party and since she couldn’t be, she decided to watch instead.  It was really cute, but we also felt really bad for her- it can’t be fun, as a five-year-old, to watch OTHER kids hit a pinata and OTHER kids scramble for candy, but not get to hit it or scramble yourself.  So we went up and Shorty tagged her and hence the game of tag was born as a distraction. And it worked, and it was fun, but it resulted in two very very tired mommies and one only mildly tired five-year-old.  Whew.

In other news, watching T1 watch the birthday party spawned more talk between Shorty and I about plans for T1’s bday in July (after the wedding).  T1 has been talking about her birthday basically all year, starting from the day after her last birthday- it’s gotten to the point where we told her she’s not allowed to talk about it all the time anymore, because we were hearing “Mommy, for my birthday, I want ____” and “Mommy, how many sleeps until my birthday?” 56790 times a day.  But now the time has actually come to start planning her Day, and we’re kind of excited about it.  We want to throw her a surprise pool party, where the pool (the above ground kind) will actually be her birthday gift from us since she’s been saying she wants one (along with some smaller stuff I’m sure).  And of course after the event at the park there will have to be a pinata involved.  Planning is a little tricky because by mid-July, she’ll be out of school (only 6 more days left of kindergarten, I can’t believe how fast time has gone), so it can be hard to rustle up a bunch of people to come since she won’t have her entire class to invite anymore.  But I’m sure we can manage a decent number, what with neighborhood kids and longtime friends and relatives and such.  And who knows, my parents might even be moved out here by then and she could have her Grandma at the party. 🙂

So anyways, we’re excited about it.  And of course it’s still a month and a half away, but it’s fun to plan something that’ll make her happy and it’s a good distraction from the TWW (what? you thought I wasn’t going to mention that this post?), which, btw, is going agonizingly slow. It’s only 4DPO, can you believe that? Eff you too, time-space continuum.  Grumble.

Have a good one, everyone! I’m going to go find out what the day has in store for me.


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