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A non-2WW update (mostly!)

on May 20, 2011

So, I thought it was high time for some thoughts of the non-TWW variety.  I do have those kind, every now and again. =)

For instance, thoughts on:

  • School/Career:  Well, as demonstrated today in the lunch room, where he berated me and told me I only get two chances to pass my quals and that he is “very very worried” (in front of about 5 other people NOT from my lab, mind you), Dr. Asshole continues to be, well… an Asshole.  And I continue to plan my great escape.  Right now, everything is sort of on hold, since I’m waiting for the university to process my application and send me the acceptance letter.  I’m nervous, because even though Shorty tells me that everyone gets in to this university, and even though I called the admin office to speak to them about the fact that I am currently a grad student applying to be an undergrad at the same university… I’m worried something will get screwed up, signals will get crossed, and I won’t be admitted.   And then this whole grand plan of mine will go right out the window.  Sigh.  Adding to that anxiety is the fact that I haven’t gotten a confirmation email that they’ve received my application, even though I called the lady and she said it should only take a few business days.  It’s been a week. Grrr. (Have I ever mentioned patience is not my strong suit and I am good at worrying? I haven’t? Well, it isn’t and I am).  In any case, as soon as my letter comes in I am heading to the bank to work on private loans for the year.  It is possibly (though not definitively) too late for me to get gov loans for the school year, but I’m desperate enough to get out of here and get moving on Nursing that I’m willing to eat the higher interest rate on a private loan for a year, until I can get gov. loans next year.  So that’s where we’re at right now… I’ll let you know when there’s anymore updates.
  • Wedding– We’re just about 6 weeks away, and I am super super excited!!! It feels like there’s a lot left to do, and yet not much at all as well.  I mentioned that my computer died in my last post… well, it has stubbornly stayed dead, and so all wedding stuff is now basically gone.  I’ve already redone our programs and such though, so now my main concern is music.  We are having an Ipod wedding, but without my computer to sync my iphone to, wellll… I might have to see if my friends (or my mom) would be willing to put together playlists for us instead.  Otherwise… well, not too sure what to do otherwise.  In any case, I’m not too anxious about this.  I’m sure everything will come together and the day will be a blast.  Two days after the wedding, we’re going to do a trash the dress photo shoot on the beach and in some sea caves, with me in my dress and her in her white tux… I can’t WAIT to do those pictures, it will be amazing.  And of course I’ll share, afterwards. =)
  • Being the other mother is so far a lot more involved of a process than I thought it would be.  I haven’t had a chance to feel left out yet…  I was an essential part of ordering the swimmers, insemming, etc.  Plus, I’m generally the one who reaches out to connect with others more- through the blog, or our cryobank’s forums, etc.  So I have felt really involved thus far, although I know it’s only the beginning.  And another thing, although I know it’s still super super super early (would be nice to know if we’re pregnant, for instance!), is that Shorty and I have already talked and I have already decided that I want to induce lactation when the baby comes around…. I want to be able to breast feed too, and I think it will really help not only with my bond with the baby, but also it will help relieve the strain of having only one walking bottle around the house. If I induce, then there will be two of us. =)  So I’m already starting to look into that, just to see what it might entail, and although it’s early I do know it’s something I feel strongly about.

Alright. That’s enough of that for now.  I now return you to your regularly scheduled TWW programming. =)

PS Shorty’s temp stayed high (actually went higher this morning! Yay!). One more high temp to confirm ovulation!


5 responses to “A non-2WW update (mostly!)

  1. X says:

    Yay on all the good fronts (and another high temp!) I’ll be interested to read about your experiences with inducing lactation – it’s something that I think is very interesting and something that C and I have discussed. I hope you’ll write about it!

  2. Nicki is going to induce lactation too! You should talk to Melissa and Liesbeth over at “The Middle of Everything” – in fact, Liesbeth already wrote a post about it…

  3. isa says:

    Make a backup of your music. Seriously. And make your own playlist, even if you ask someone else to do it for you. Our dj/playlist got stuck in a freak blizzard and we had to create one on our wedding day (since I had decided to be zen and just let her create it without fretting too much–bad idea). It turned out fine, and everyone had fun, but it would have been a lot less stressful if we’d had her mail us the music on a thumb drive before the big day.
    We’re thinking about inducing lactation, too (mostly because the Mrs. P-Ps are convincing types). Hopefully you’ll be needing to find out more about it very soon! 🙂

  4. Melissa says:

    Wow, glad to hear that all three of you are considering inducing lactation! Good for you! 🙂 It has been a really good experience for Liesbeth and me. I have only one complaint (pumping all the time get kind of old after a while) but the benefits FAR outweigh the complaints. I’m happy to share whatever information is useful for you all, and I’m sure Liesbeth is too.

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