Raising a Blended Family


on May 19, 2011

WOW, I finally get to say we are post ovulation and have it mean something! We might just be pregnant right now, who knows. =)

Shorty was having a lot of naseau (why can I not spell that word? a future nurse/current mom should probably know how to spell that, right?) earlier,  which I’m trying not to take as  sign of anything considering it’s only 1DPO, buuuuut… it’s impossible not to be hopeful (for me anyways).

Along those lines, Shorty and I were having a conversation last night, and I was completely hopeful and excited about the fact that there might be a little one-celled BABY in there already, while she was very much reserved, “we’ll see” kind of thing.  Ladies and gentlemen, once again trying to conceive highlights our truer natures- me as the optimist, and her as the more cautious one.

I will say though, that I really really do think we had spot-on timing, and Mrs. Cautious actually agrees with me.  All the fertility signs are gone, her temp spiked this morning, and the OPKs are now showing negatives.  It really looks like she ovulated yesterday or last night and like “the spermies and egg had plenty of time to meet and get comfy with one another” (direct quote from a text Shorty sent me earlier, lol).  I’m hoping I’m hoping I’m hoping.

Now I just need to find ways to distract myself for the next week(ish) before we can start to test.  I guess I do have that big thing called a Wedding coming up (and a bridal shower) that I could pay attention to…  especially considering my computer just decided to commit suicide yesterday (and CPR did no good, sadly) and it took all my wedding documents with it.  *big sigh*.

Here’s hoping we will soon get to join the ranks of all of you who just got BFPs!!!


One response to “1 DPO

  1. isa says:

    Oh no! I’m sorry to hear about your computer! But hurray for perfect timing! We’ll know soon if the egg-sperm lounge conversation worked out! 🙂

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