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And now we wait =)

on May 18, 2011

Well… we did it. And now we’re in the TWW. Swim swimmers, swim!

Of course I’m already itching to test, 2 whole hours into the TWW. And of course I’m having little daydreams about having a pregnant wife and having a baby. Here’s hoping!!!

How long into the TWW did you wait to test? We bought those first response early results tests, which say we can test 6 days before her period… yes? That would be next Wednesday, for us (adjusting for delayed O). I hope I’m right because next Wednesday doesn’t seem too far away… it seems doable for my ridiculously impatient self. 🙂

I hope it worked!!!


5 responses to “And now we wait =)

  1. Hope says:

    Crossing my fingers for you and sending you tons of sticky dust!!! 😀

  2. Michaela says:

    Ooh, this waiting game. *sigh* How can two weeks last THAT long??? My fingers are all crossed for you, hoping for a BFP

  3. Liz says:

    We tested probably ten different times, reall once or twice a day once we were past the first week, but we didn’t get a positive until day 13 of the 14 day tww! So I say, test away, but don’t get too bummed about negatives!

  4. mummylass says:

    If you’re gonna test early, I wouldn’t do it until 12DPO. Good luck!!

  5. good luck! i’d wait until 12 or 13 dpo too – any earlier and it’s just a big mindf*ck about it being too early, false negatives, etc.

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