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Trying to keep from getting nervous…(Shortcake)

on May 12, 2011

Which let me tell you is easier said then done. So far in this whole baby making process, I’ve been calm, not nervous, not anxious, just laid back. Just like bring it. I haven’t thought much about it, not wanting to get stressed out and mess up my cycle. As we get closer to my expect ovulation day, I’m getting more nervous, there are a few reason why I’m nervous, and I’m trying to not dwell on them to much. So I figured I would blog, get them out of my system and then attempt not to think about it again.

So reasons I’m getting nervous:

I have yet to have the stupid smiley, I’m starting to hate the smiley, i have POS”s non stop this week and still no smiley. I have never wanted to be smiled at so bad in my life.

Also I’m temping and my tempts usually stay in the 97.20 to 97.35 range during ovulation and then spiking up to about 97.70/97.80 afterwards. Well the last couple of mornings my temps have been in the 97.40/97.50 range, then this morning it just had to drop to 97.21. So is that my dip before it’s going to spike tomorrow which means I MISSED my ovulation?!?!?!  Now there could be a couple of reason my temps were a little high the last couple of days. The big one being, Indiana decided to say eff spring and jump right to summer these last couple of days, our bedroom is in the attic part of the house, and it was like a 100 degrees in there, until we finally caved in and turned the AC on. So that could have play a part in my temps being higher and then last night them dropping. I just don’t know that for sure.

I’m going to spare you the details of hearing about my CM or my cervix but that all seems to be in the normal stage of my ovulation cycle. So that could be a good sign.

Okay so now that I got it all out of my system I’m going to take a deep breath……taking deep breath now……and not dwell on the what if’s and maybe’s but instead focus on the positive things like:

my weekend with my beautiful fiancee’

the upcoming wedding!

and knowing that if this round of TTC is not successful it is not our last. There will be a baby shortcake/amazon running around on earth.

Hope everyone has a great day, and keep your fingers crossed that I get smiled at today or tomorrow.



2 responses to “Trying to keep from getting nervous…(Shortcake)

  1. zunzunbobo says:

    Hang in there! You’ve got a good list of things to focus on 🙂

  2. X says:

    I get the nervousness but wouldn’t be TOO worried about the temps… even when they are consistent, they can be silly. Keep looking for that smiley!!!

    Fingers crossed 🙂

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