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Positive Steps AWAY from here….

on May 11, 2011

So as horrible as Monday was for me (and yesterday also, to an extent), it may have been the little extra oomph I needed to really take some steps to get the hell outta Dodge.

I’d already decided before Monday that this Ph.D. wasn’t what I want and that nursing is definitely something that interests me.  I had looked into the steps to get into the nursing program, called  a couple times to make an appointment with an advisor, but never heard back from them last week.  So after Monday’s debacle, I walked my happy little ass down to the actual advising office and basically demanded an appointment.  Well… asked nicely. kinda.

So I met with the advisor, only to find out that of course it’s more complicated to do this than I had thought it would be. I have to first apply to be an UNDERgraduate at the same school I am now a GRADUATE student at (apparently the grad school and the undergrad campus don’t speak to each other, at all).  Once I’m accepted as an undergraduate (pre-nursing major), then I take my transcripts from my previous degree, head back to the nursing office, and they’ll go over with me what GE’s I need to take in the fall in order to get into the program.  Hopefully not many, given that my BS was in Biology- I should have most prereq’s done, although I know I’ll need to take anatomy.  After all that’s figured out, I take the classes, and turn in my nursing application by January 15, and get started next May.  Yep, a year from now.  I’m actually okay with that… it’s such a short program anyways (20 months), and this year will give me time to get my GE’s done and adjust back to taking classes and life as an undergrad again.

(PS… did you follow all that? Just a LITTLE complicated.  But I can do it.)

I had a bit of a panic moment when I realized the deadline to turn in the undergrad application is May 16… less than a week away.  But luckily, I found out about it in time, and also luckily (seriously, huge stroke of luck here) I had official transcripts from my previous university that I had ordered but never used.  So a day later, completed application, application FEE, and transcripts in hand, I marched into the admissions office, turned everything in, and was told to expect my admissions packet in the mail in about a month.  🙂  SCORE.

Step one of getting out of here… check.

And none of this would have happened if Dr. Asshole hadn’t given me hell on Monday, thereby prompting me to actually get moving on the transition process.  Yep, if not for Dr. Asshole, I might’ve missed the undergrad app deadline!!!  So thanks, Dr. Asshole, for being such a Dickhead.  You’re a jerk, but I’ll be leaving you soon (as soon as I can find a good summer job… suggestions?).  Oh, AND I’ll be filing a complaint about a hostile work environment and gender discrimination* on my way out the door.  Toodles.

*I’m the only girl in a lab full of Chinese males… no offense to anyone of Chinese heritage out there, but Dr. Asshole definitely singles me out because I’m a girl, and he definitely treats my male counterparts better than me.  The other grad student in the lab (the only other non-Chinese male) once noted to me that when he speaks to me, he seems hostile and his voice gets angry.  Grad student’s words, not mine.


3 responses to “Positive Steps AWAY from here….

  1. Hope says:

    Stupid jerk! Well, at least you’re on your way toward something that might make you happy. Lol, I just wish I could find an RN job. I always figured the degree would be the hard part not the job finding!

    • lezbemoms says:

      I totally figured that too. Every time I look at job postings there’s a ton of RN jobs, and everyone always says nursing is a growing field. Is it not that easy?

      And actually, would you mind if I emailed you? I’d love to talk to someone who’s already been through it.

  2. lezbemoms says:

    From Shortcake.
    I just have to comment to “I walked my happy little ass down”.
    the correct sentence would of said “I walked my happy HOTT little ass down”. just sayin.
    love you Amazon!

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