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YAY- and a question…

on April 28, 2011

Wow! It seems that there’s a TON of people makin’ whoopee out there!!! Ever since I’ve started blogging, it’s seemed that there was this big lull in the TTC world- everyone either already had a baby or was waiting to make a baby.  And now I know of at least 5 of us who are giving this cycle a go: Baby MamasIsaLaura and Stacy, and H’s 1 and 2… plus us! Crazy!!! (Am I missing anyone?)  For all our sakes, I am sending out sticky-baby-vibes, baby mojo, and all that good stuff. Let’s get pregnant, people!

Along those lines, you know you’re trying to conceive when your wife tells you she’s cramping and PMSing, and your first response is a loud resounding YAY!!!!

….followed quickly by oh, um, I mean, I’m sorry you’re uncomfortable, honey, as your wife glares at you from across the room.  But just between you and I (and in a very quiet whisper so the Shortcake doesn’t hear), yay!!!  All of this means that CD1 is just around the corner, as is The Ordering of the Sperm. And all of that will be followed quickly by insemination!!! YAY indeed. 🙂

Anyways, so I told my friend that we were in for this cycle… she was surprised, as she had thought we were waiting for fall. Nope!  And then later that night I got a text message with this picture:

And she informed me that this is the yarn she has picked out to make our baby’s blanket.  Awww!!! People are making our baby cuddly blankets and it’s not even conceived yet… this makes me feel very happy indeed. 🙂 Warm fuzzies all around.

And finally, a techincal, how-to question for all you TTC DIY’ers out there: for at-home ICI, how long did you wait after getting a positive OPK and doing your inseminations? We’re ordering two vials, and I’ve heard anywhere from do it IMMEDIATELY to wait 18 hours for the first one, and 30 hours for the second one. Anyone have any advice to offer??? It would be much appreciated!


7 responses to “YAY- and a question…

  1. Isa says:

    Do the longer spacing–the surge means you’re ABOUT to ovulate, not that you have yet. Give the egg 12 hours or so to get into the tube before you release the cavalry… 🙂

  2. Liz says:

    I’m so excited that we are all going to be doing our inseminations around the same time! I think that I might make up a 2WW blog challenge to help get me/us through this. Oh and we are doing IUI, so not sure if it makes a difference timing wise, but we are supposed to call our doctor the minute we see the beloved smiley face to schedule an apointment to inseminate the next morning and then we will do another one the morning after that, 24 hours later. Hope that helps!

  3. Michaela says:

    My fingers are crossed!!!

  4. Hope says:

    Yay for all of us! I have no idea about the OPK, but I’m rooting for you!!

  5. Lots of luck! As far as timing we always did our insems at around 19 and 37 hours and we know this timing worked as we sadly had 2 chemical’s with that same timing. We did IUI’s so you would just want to account for the swimmers taking a little more time getting into place with a home ICI. But not too much time that you exceed the life span of frozen swimmers. Also the one ICI that we did at home we used the sperm-launcher cup (not it’s technical name) which I would highly recommend! You can find them online I think they’re called cervial cap with tube? Email me with questions. Or check my bblog for detailed posts about using it around September 2010.

  6. Good Luck this cycle! Looks like you’re just a few days ahead of me. My partner is always excited when my period starts. lol. It’s WOO HOO the beginning of another merry-go-round get preggo cycle!

  7. From what I understand, the ideal is to have the sperm ready and waiting (but you know, not dead already, which is the tricky part) when the egg is released. I think it partly depends on how long after the smiley Shortcake typically ovulates. Do you guys have a sense of that? On the cycle that we conceived Critter (to the best of my recollection), PB got a smiley on Saturday afternoon, and we did and IUI Sunday morning, and an ICI Sunday night. Our best guess is that she ovulated sometime Monday morning. We had planned to reverse the order on the IUI and the ICI , but her temp was up a bit Sunday morning, and we were afraid she’d already ovulated. We’ll never know for sure which vial the lucky sperm came from, but my suspicion is it was the ICI, since the timing was a bit better. And Critter is a boy, and the boy sperm typically don’t survive as long, so I’m a touch dubious that it was one of the ones from the IUI vial in the morning, though that’s certainly possible. In any case, good luck!

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