Raising a Blended Family


on April 25, 2011

I’m glad I have this blog challenge to do… now that we’re actually going to get to participate in a cycle and actually TTC, the time between when the fun happens and now is


Sigh.  CD1 should be this Friday, so we’ll be ordering the swimmers and then we’ll be in the pre-TWW, waiting for the smiley face of all smiley faces!!!  So close, yet so far…

So to pass the time, I figured I would catch up on the blog challenge that I am (once again) behind on.

Day 22-Favorite city

This one’s easy… it’s the city I grew up in, San Diego.  Nice beaches, nice mountains, nice climate, access to snow in the winter without being stuck in it, zero tornados, yummy mexican food, awesome parks and open spaces… yep. San Diego, my heart.

Day 23-Favorite vacation

Again, this is easy…. but I haven’t been on a ton of amazing vacations.  Therefore, my favorite vacation was easily when Shortcake-formerly-known-as-C and I (you like how I slipped that in there?) went to Jamaica last year to a couples-only all inclusive resort (Couples San Souci, if anyone is wondering).  We went for a friends’ wedding and it was AMAZING (the vacation, not the wedding… although the wedding was amazing too!).  Jamaica is notoriously unfriendly to gay people, but we never had any problems…  and the scenery is BEAUTIFUL.  All of the previous pics I’ve posted with us standing in waterfalls or on sandy, beautiful beaches…. those are from Jamaica.  I loved it.
Day 24-Something you’ve learned

Well, for one thing… I’ve learned that I *do* want to have kids!  Never knew that before, say, a year and a half ago.  I’ve also learned that I never, ever want to be one of those people who works so hard at their career that they don’t have time for a family.  Family, to me, is more important.  I have friends who have made similar decisions, and friends who have made the opposite decision and placed career as their #1 prioity… I don’t I try not to judge either way (being honest, here) but I can’t imagine making some of the choices other career-oriented friends of mine have made.  I’ve had this discussion before, with friends on both sides of this decision, and it’s actually led to some heated discussions and hurt feelings (hence the trying not to judge thing)… but in the end, the only person I can speak for is me, and I know that family triumphs, with me.  Always.
Day 25-Favorite memory

Yowsa, this one is hard.  How do you pick one favorite out of a lifetime of memories?  I guess, to narrow it down, I can say that all that sticks out for me are the memories since I met Shortcake.  Everything before that isn’t as sharply defined, and doesn’t seem as important.  I know her favorite will probably be something related to T1’s birth, but since I wasn’t around for that… I guess my favorite memory would be lying on the beach in Jamaica at night, listening to the waves crash, watching the stars, and just being in the moment with each other.  That was a really nice night between the two of us- really special bonding time.

Phew. Look at me, I’m all caught up!  I look forward to reading all of your blog challenges for the day, and I hope you all had a happy Easter/spring equinox/sunday!


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