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News… of the Big variety

on April 22, 2011

So I know things have been a bit boring around here lately, and I apologize for that… truth is, it just seems like there hasn’t been much to talk about.  Everything in our house has been focused on Wedding, and I’ve been doing my damndest to avoid turning this into a wedding blog, so nothing’s really gotten posted.

Hold on to your hats though folks, because everything’s about to change.

As of C’s next cycle, starting on CD1… we are in. We get to play.  We’re getting our feet wet.

We’re actually starting TTC!!!

Sperm will be ordered as soon as CD1 arrives (one week left).  We know which donors, we’ve been registered at the sperm bank for awhile… and we’re in.

I. am. so. freakin. EXCITED!!!!!! No more WTTTC (waiting to TTC!).  At least not for this cycle.  If this one doesn’t work, we may not be able to afford to get another one in before the wedding… but we figured at least getting to one try before the wedding is better than no tries before the wedding.  And hopefully, hopefully, hopefully this cycle will work!!!!!  I’m not completely naive, I’ve read the hardships you all have gone through and seen how long it can take… but I can’t help but be hopeful. This is our very first TTC cycle. Let it work, let it work, let it work.

For those of you who might be wondering, C’s charts this month actually turned out beautifully, worries aside… she had a very clear temp spike CD15 and it has stayed high ever since.  Next month we are going to be religiously using those OPK’s along with charting (no missing days like this month!).  Next month, when we get a smiley face and a temp dip, we get to actually try.  Next month there will be a TWW- and maybe even a baby.  There’s at least going to be the possibility of a baby, which is different than any other month thus far.

It’s finally our turn.  We finally get to play, too.  Baby, here we come.


6 responses to “News… of the Big variety

  1. isa says:

    Yay! We had talked about trying to get knocked up for our wedding, but weren’t quite ready to get started. We had all sorts of exciting photo shoots planned, though. Most involving my dad and a pitchfork, looking menacing. I hope you get to take some of them instead!

  2. Liz says:

    OMG, so excited! We are getting to try for the first time this cycle too! How exciting it will be that we could both possibly be pregnant in the next month or so!! Good luck and even though I’ve struggled with it, I’m remaining optimistic that this first time will work. Positive attitude works for all sorts of medical stuff, so why not this?

  3. Woooohooooo! Exciting!!!

  4. pomegranate says:

    So exciting. Would be so amazing for C to be knocked up for the wedding although it would restrict her wedding day partying. Good luck!

  5. X says:

    Yay!!!! Good luck!

  6. So glad it’s your turn! and you’ll be off the wtttc boat. May the excitement begin. Lots of luck as you begin.

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