Raising a Blended Family

Blog names? & Blogging Challenge Day 10

on April 10, 2011

Wowsa today was fun! We finally got a day of 80 degree weather here (with tornado weather expected tonight, of course), and so to enjoy it T1 and I spent the day at the park and wading in the creek.  It was a ton of fun!!! We also both acquired our first sunburns of the season… my bad.

Here’s a few pictures from the creek:

she's cute even from behind.

trying not to fall over into the water.

Anyways,  so it occurred to me awhile ago that I should probably figure out good blog names for C and I.  I mean, there’s a ton of “A” bloggers and I think actual blog names would be a little more personal and a little less confusing.  Anyone got any suggestions?  I’ve been trying to think of some (like some of the nicknames we call each other) but they all sound so silly put into print.. err, type.  So how did you pick your blognames?

And finally, it’s blogging day 10, which means I’m supposed to tell you about my fears.  I have a lot of rather trivial fear to tell you about, like the dark and spiders, but the thing I’m most afraid of is losing the ones I love… especially C.  I don’t know what I would do without her, and I don’t even want to think about it.  It’s too hard.  I feel this way about my T1, my mom, and my sister too… it’s one of my greatest fears.  Ugh. Moving on, the end.


One response to “Blog names? & Blogging Challenge Day 10

  1. isa says:

    It was so nice, wasn’t it? Today was a shock (even though I knew it was going to be cold again). My blog name is an old nickname from high school, and Lynn’s is her middle name. I figured that it was distinctive enough but also common enough that it wouldn’t be too identifying. What about sticking to a dr seuss theme?

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