Raising a Blended Family

Sick Days…

on April 6, 2011

So yesterday, T1 decided to come down with strep throat in the middle of the school day.  Actually, to be fair to her, she probably came down with it last night as she was complaining a few times that her throat hurt… but when I came downstairs in the morning to find her hyper and jumping all over the place with no sign of sickness, I sent her to school with a sigh of relief.  Why relief? Well, of course because I don’t want T1 to be sick and miserable… but also because yesterday, C had a conference and I had a really important appointment at our microscopy facility at school and neither one of us could really take the day off yesterday to stay home with a sick kid.

Turns out none of that matters though when you get a call from your kid’s school that she’s miserable and probably has strep.  They called C, who was at her conference with a bunch of work people and didn’t have a car with her, so C called me, so I made my profuse apologies to a highly unhappy boss and rushed out the door.

Here we are a day  later and the kid is showing every sign of improvement.  Funny how kids bounce back, isn’t it? Poor baby though, I’m glad it didn’t last long, for her sake.

Anyways, turns out having the day off today to take care of my kid means I become surprisingly productive.  Chores I’d been putting off, got done. Banana bread got baked.  Dinner is already in the oven and it’s not even 5:30 yet.  I feel very house-wifey today (and I LOVE it!). 🙂

So that’s been my day.  I realize I haven’t mentioned TTC in far too long… well, it’s really because there hasn’t been a ton to say.  Like so many others, we are in the Waiting Place… caring for our current children while planning for future ones. It’s frustrating when I think about it, which is why most of the time I don’t.  I’ve got plenty of other distractions right now (that little thing called life oh yeah and the wedding).  So that’s where we’re at, and when I know more I’ll let you know!!!

And finally, the D6 blog challenge: a picture of something that makes you happy.

I ❤ the beach!!!

I love the beach so so so so soooooo much!!! Well, the ocean, actually… I love watching the waves roll in and out and how pretty it is.  Never fails to make me happy.  PS this picture is from the S.an Die.go coastline, on the beach I practically lived on as a child…


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