Raising a Blended Family

Day 5-Your siblings

on April 5, 2011

So before I start this post, I have to note that C and I are exactly THREE MONTHS from our wedding date… three months! AHHHHH!!!

sorry, little excited.  I’ll try to control myself.

Anyways, so where were we? OH YES, siblings!!!

I have exactly one (half) sister. Same mom, different dad.  This, of course, makes her no less my sister or family in my eyes… couldn’t care less.  It does, however, give her an enviable propensity towards turning a nice golden tan in the sunlight, while my mother and I continue to blind people with our whiteness… sigh.  She’s twelve (holycrapshe’salmostateenagerahhhh!!!), and one of my greatest regrets is that we are not close.  Close in the literal sense- I now live 2500 miles away from her, thanks to the big move out here, but also close in the emotional sense.  It’s hard to remain close while also living such separate lives, and seeing her only once or twice a year.  Many days I feel more like an aunty rather than a big sister.  I do want to be here for her, to call with all her teenage angst and to have someone to vent to when she goes through her I-hate-mom stages.  I’ve let her know the door is open many times and I hope she takes the hint when the time comes.

Anyways… the good news is that my parents might actually be moving out here soon (because John lost his job, which sucks, but luckily one of the ones he may get is out here, an hour away from us).  It would be AWESOME to have them here… I could see them and my sister more often, plus my kids will have their grandparents around (C’s parents aren’t in the picture, see her D1-4 blog challenge post).  So we’re keeping our fingers crossed on that one.

Anyways, so that’s it for now!


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