Raising a Blended Family

April Blog Challenge (from C)

on April 4, 2011

I’ve decided that I’m going to participate in the April Blog Challenge as well. I know I’m a little behind so this post is going to be Day 1 through Day 4, and then I’ll start with daily post from there. I’m wanting to blog more but find it hard to find what to blog about, so I’m hoping this will help in getting my blogging juices flowing. We shall see.  On with the show.

Day 1 – Introduce, Recent Picture, 15 Interesting Facts.

So for an Introduction this will be short, I’m pretty sure I introduced myself in an earlier post, so I’m C and due to life I will be carrying Thing Two. I’m actually pretty excited about this considering after having Thing One, I swore on everything I could swear on that I would never ever be pregnant again. How being in love with someone changes everything you thought you would never do again. I’m not the blogger in the family, even though I’m going to try so everyone gets to see our TTC adventure through my point of view as well as A.

As for a recent picture, I’m at work right now, so the only recent pictures I have are from my Color Guard that I’m on at work, so here are a couple of pictures from the last activation we did.

Presenting Colors, I'm the one with the State Flag


15 hopefully interesting facts:

1- Served 6 yrs in the Army National Guard.

2- I’m a correctional officer in an adult male prison.

3- I’m allergic to coconut.

4- I’m the oldest of 11 siblings, 2 are biological ages 26 and 17, 3 are step-siblings ages 23, 21, and 19 and 6 are “adopted-siblings” ages 25, 23, 21, 19, 17, and 16.

5- Ran away as a teenager, that’s were I picked up the 6 “adopted-siblings”.

6- I love history- American history,  history of all different religions, etc.

7- I love to travel.

8- I love playing practical jokes, especially hiding behind corners jumping out scaring people, although this has sorta backfired on me, cause Thing One’s favorite thing to do is hide and jump out and scare the crap out of A and I.

9- Favorite color is blue.

10- Favorite food is pizza.

11- Favorite team is the Colts.

12- Favorite thing to do in the winter is Ski – even though I about kill myself every time we go.

13- I love coffee and if I could figure out away to hook it up through an IV I so would do it.

14- I’m slightly OCD at work.

15- This is harder than it looks. lol

Day 2- Meaning behind your blog name.

This one is easy, A already covered it. “Lesbians who wanna be moms (again)= Lezbemoms!”

Day 3- Your first love

hmmm….i’m honestly not sure how to answer this,  the first person I truly unconditionally loved no matter what is Thing One, she is the first thing that came to my mind when I read “your first love”, not sure I truly understood what real love was, until I held her for the first time.

Day 4- Your Parents

This will not be long at all, My mom = drug user/alcohol = bad relationship from childhood = no relationship now.

My dad, was a good guy, he didn’t always make the right decisions and because of that we had a rough relationship during my teenage years. After Thing One was born we got closer and started having a good relationship. He passed away Nov. 15, 2008 due to a hunting accident.

If you made it this far I’m impressed.  Anyway thats all for today…



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