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Insomnia, anyone?

on March 29, 2011

I don’t usually suffer from it, but tonight it has bared its ugly head and left me dreading the morning alarm clock. It’s one of those nights where my head just will. not. shut. up. long enough for the silence and stillness of sleep to creep in. It won’t shut up at all, in fact. Le sigh.

What do you do when you can’t sleep? I’ve tried laying still, watching tv, deep breathing, counting sheep/chickens/how many times the damn cat meows (really? I sleep through that every night? she is YOWLING and now they are chasing each other around the house and it sound like a herd of elephants!!! I cannot believe they don’t wake me up every night doing this). I’ve tried writing a quick list of all the to-dos going through my head. I’ve tried blogging (lol). I’ve tried hypnotizing myself (I know you’re surprised that one didn’t work. 😉 ). And yet nada.

I am going to be one cranky lezbemom in the morning. More like a zombiemom. C doesn’t know it yet but she’s got dibs on kid duty tomorrow.

Alright. Enough. Off to try more sleep. This insomnia thing is new to me- usually C is the one with sleep issues. I really hope it doesn’t stick around- I need all the sleep I can get until we have a baby in the house!

goodnight blogosphere (hopefully).


3 responses to “Insomnia, anyone?

  1. A :) says:

    Ugh I get this all the time! I fall asleep so easily but I wake up and can’t fall back to sleep. I was told by many to NOT look at the clock during the night. Infact if you don’t need it in your room to take it out. It doesn’t matter how much longer you have to sleep and how long you have been sleeping for. (I always thought it did!). It also helps me to reposition myself into my normal “falling asleep” position almost in an attempt to “do over” the sleep thing. I’ve also found it helpful to keep my eyes closed as much as possible and not turn on lights (or look at phone, computer, tv etc). Hope this helps! Insomnia is the WORST!

  2. Michaela says:

    Oh, I know these nights very well. Normally I am a near-death (that deep) sleeper but when the head won’t shut up…ooii, that’s horrible. I hope your day is/was kind of nice despite your shitty night.

    The one thing that helps with me is reading…..it brings my mind to other things…

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