Raising a Blended Family

Nothin’ to see here…

on March 11, 2011

Not too much going on here!

We got our sperm bank registration papers in the mail today, after a bit of scrambling last night that kind of made me feel like the clowns at the circus who run around and bonk into things, much to the entertainment of the audience.  Our sperm registration process included:

  • Going to the bank to get the papers notarized, at which point the very nice lady at the bank explains to us that while she can notarize it for us, she can’t be a “witness” and was therefore completely useless to us but thanks anyways for being nice to our kid and giving her a lollipop while kindly explaining you can’t help us
  • Calling the sperm bank, only to find out that since C and I do not have the same last name (yet), she was qualified to be the witness the entire time, rendering the bank trip even more unnecessary
  • Getting the entire 5 (6?) page long form filled out, only to set it down in a pile of red jello that TO had spilled earlier that blended in perfectly with our dark wood coffee table- hence the reason I didn’t see it before putting our form down on top of it
  • Going to print the forms all over again, only to realize we’re out of printer paper
  • Run to the store for printer paper
  • Come home, fill the sucker out again, fold it to stick it in an envelope…. we don’t have anymore envelopes- I used the last one on a bill that morning.
  • Hem and hah about going BACK to the store to get envelopes…
  • Until C comes to the rescue, she found a blank envelope that came with a credit card offer in the mail, hallelujah!
  • Stuff form in envelope (literally- it was thick, almost didn’t fit!)- remove form and restuff many times so the handwritten address will sow through the address window of the envelope…
  • Get frustrated and start cursing at it mentally
  • Finally get it in there, clip envelope to mailbox… success! Take ‘er away, Mr. Postman!

So on the plus side, we finally got our forms mailed and will soon be Qualified To Order The Spermies. YAY!

On the negative side… there really is nothin’ to see here- ho, hum- as you can see by my ridiculous post covering the fascinating topic of mailing a form. TA-DA!

Hopefully I get some of the goodies I’ve ordered delivered over the weekend and I’ll share on Monday. Happy Friday!

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