Raising a Blended Family

Brand New Day

on March 8, 2011

…anyone heard the song? By Josh.ua Ra.din? Love it.  Anyways, today IS a brand new day, and I am feeling significantly more optimistic than yesterday.  Doing better over here, folks, and I want to thank you (yes, you) for your kind comments.  Definitely appreciated!

Since yesterday was so bleh, I thought I’d do a fun post and post a few things I forgot about yesterday- namely recent purchases I/we’ve made. =)

First on the list, more OPK’s. Of course.   Not ridiculously exciting, but still, they represent another step and further progress towards Thing Two, and anything that falls into that catergory is, for me, a good thing. Yay for digital pee sticks! =)

Second up, lookee what I got!

I’m super excited to read this one- in fact, I’m about a quarter of the way through it already, and I have to say it is one of (if not THE) most helpful ferility resources* I’ve come across so far. Hands down.  I’m so glad I got it, and it’s helping with the worry/stress- I do better when I understand things in detail, and, well… I’m starting to! So yay!

Third up…

our first baby purchase. =)


Yeah. We totally couldn’t resist. They have these at w.al ma.rt right now, and when I saw it I about melted… I mean, how cute is that?!?!?!  We initially saw it the first day, passed it up (barely), and then happened to have to make a second trip the next day… and could not withstand its cuteness two days in a row. So we got it. And our kid, boy or girl, is going to look ADORABLE in it.  Now all we need is the kid! =) Oh, and in case you can’t see, it says “I’m a keeper” on it. Yep. love it. =)

So anyways, those are pretty much the results of baby’s second shopping trip… Pretty succesful, doncha think?

The one other thing I am (superduper) looking forward to right now is next Sunday. I can’t remember if I mentioned the lesbian mom’s meetup group we’re joining (I think I did?), but in any case, a date has finally been set to have the first meetup and it’s next Sunday. I’m so excited to meet other Family families!  We don’t know anyone in our area who’s family so it’s going to be awesome meeting these women, and awesome for Thing One to have friends to play with. So yay all around! Now if only next Sunday would hurry up and get here. =)

That’s about it for now. Hope you all have splendid days. =)


*Just as a side note, I initially purchased “What to Expect Before You’re Expecting,” hoping to get the same kind of fertility guidance… and I have to say, don’t waste your money. No really. Lesbians, specifically, are mentioned in like 3 whole pages of the book, and in general it’s just very… heterocentric? As opposed to Taking Charge, which I found is neither hetero- nor family- specific, but just in general tries to educate women about their ferility, regardless. Much better book, in my opinion.






3 responses to “Brand New Day

  1. Heather says:

    It sounds like you are in a much better place today, yay!

  2. Michaela says:

    Like your new you. 😀 Sounds much happier. 😀
    Cute clothes!!!!

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