Raising a Blended Family

Welcome back to the weekend.

on March 3, 2011

Well… it’s not technically the weekend, but I’m taking the day off tomorrow to go volunteer in Thing One’s kindergarten class. They’re having Astronaut Day (not too sure what this entails- I think freeze dried food, an obstacle course, etc), and it’s all she’s been talking about all week.  So it should be fun… plus, work’s been really stressful lately (nothing beats the self esteem out of you like grad school), to the point where I’m actually having nightmares and not sleeping well because of it… so I think a day off to spend some quality time with my kid is a good solution to help me refocus on the positives in my life and let everything else go. Nothing will make you smile like a room full of excited kindergarteners. =)

In other news… I have a story to share- only, it’s not really my story.  Thing One and I were at the (indoor) pool/play park yesterday, and I sat down in the shallows next to this other mom to watch TO while she played.  The other mom and I smiled at each other, but she didn’t say anything so neither did I.  A little while later she called her child over to her and got up to leave- and that’s when I saw she was pregnant. Hugely pregnant. and DAMN, she looked good! If I look half as good when I am that pregnant I’ll be completely satisfied. Completely.  So anyways, they left to go to another part of the pool, and TO and I kept swimming… well, fast forward half an hour and it was time to go home, so TO and I headed for the locker rooms. We were in the middle of changing when I heard what sounded like someone in pain… and I looked over into the open changing area next to us, and there was the pregnant woman again… and she’d gone into labor! She told me she was timing her contractions and they were seven minutes apart. I asked if she needed help (getting her kid dressed, getting driven somewhere, anything) and she said she was fine. She kept working to get her little girl dressed, and the little girl kept saying “my sister’s coming, my sister’s coming!” She was so excited, it was cute.  I also asked the lady when she was due- turns out, her due date was the very next day! I’m guessing her kid is going to be one of those people who’s on time (if not early) wherever they go! Anyways, by this point she was surrounded by people who (I think) were friends, and I figured she didn’t need me asking her a bunch of questions at that point, so after TO and I were dressed, I left her with a wave and a “good luck!”.  So yeah… can you imagine? Going into labor at a public pool? Needless to say, pretty sure she was in for an exciting night! I wish her all the best.

Anyways, that’s about it for now. Looking forward to the weekend- we’re going to get out wedding invites printed, which is pretty damn exciting! Things with wedding planning are moving along nicely, even though I haven’t really talked about it here… but rest assured, that come July, there will be pictures! =)  Anyways, off to finish playing Scra.bble with my love. Have a good one!


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