Raising a Blended Family

Phew. Crisis over.

on February 28, 2011

Well… needless to say, that was a long night.  But it’s all over now, and hopefully no more repeats for a long time ever.

Apparently, according to C, I slept through a couple different tornado siren warnings, only to wake up to the last one that sent us down into the basement.  Before I went, I called C at work, and apparently she had been just about to call me to make sure I was up and heading underground, since her work gets weather service bulletins and they knew about the tornado and already had all their inmates moved to safe locations- she wanted to make sure we were safe as well.

Mother Nature knows how to make an entrance.

So I grabbed Thing One and a bunch of blankets and headed down into our unfinished basement, shooing the cats ahead of me. At the top of the basement stairs, facing upwards, you can either turn right to go into the kitchen through the storm door, or go straight through the side door to get outside.  The side door was of course already shut and locked but as I went downstairs I made sure to close the storm door between the basement and kitchen too. Real tight.  And after it was firmly shut, I remembered that the storm door automatically locks itself from the inside- when that door is shut, you can’t get into the kitchen from the basement without the key. A key that conveniently was hanging on its hook in the living room. CRAP. So on top of the storm threat, Thing One and I were officially locked out of the house at 3am. Awesome sauce.

This was us last night- yikes.

There was nothing to do about it though, so Thing One and I headed down into the basement and found a comfy spot to sit in, knowing we would be there for awhile.  C was at work and had a key to get into the house and let us out, but she couldn’t leave immediately because of the storm and because her job needed her.  So we sat there, and Thing One fell back asleep on my lap, and I talked to C on the phone and kept up with the weather (and blogged, because you know, that’s totally a natural reaction during a possible tornado- sit in your basement and blog about it! LOL).  We didn’t actually know that there was a tornado when we headed down into the basement- C didn’t tell me and I found out that part later on- but luckily, we were fine and the storm moved past us. After about an hour C was able to run home from work to let us back into the house, and it was back to bed for us.

So yeah… eventful night!  We have since decided that we need to keep a spare key to that door down in the basement, and also that we should probably have an emergency kit down there as well (since I realized once I got down there that not only was the key upstairs locked in the living room, but so were the lanterns and flashlights- if the power had gone out we’d have been screwed. It did not, thankfully).

The only lasting effect from last night is that I now need plenty of coffee to get through my day (I’m sure Thing One is dragging her feet at school as well, poor girl) and also that I didn’t even bother taking my BBT today, since it would have been way off anyways- a shame, since I’m pretty sure I’m closing in on ovulation day. Sigh. There’s always OPKs though, and if I ovulate today I will see a thermal shift tomorrow and in the days beyond on my graph, so there’s at still some hope of not completely throwing this cycle’s chart out the window. We shall see.

Hope you’re all having a good monday, sorry to cause any concern last night!


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