Raising a Blended Family


on February 28, 2011

Hi blogworld- I hope every one of you is safe and sound sleeping well right now.

I happen to be sitting in my basement because we are under a tornado warning and there has been a tornado sighted in our area. THERE IS A TORNADO ON THE GROUND IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD. scared doesn’t even begin to cover it.

the good news is that thing one is sleeping blissfully on my lap, unaware. the bad news is that, well, there’s a tornado. I hate the midwest.

we’re okay for now and I’m hoping fervently that everyone else in my neighborhood is, that they heard the sirens and know there’s a twister and they’re safe too. I hope C is safe at work. I hope mother nature and the twister steer clear and go the hell away really soon.



One response to “Tornado

  1. God, how scary! Hoping it’s over by now and you’re all safe and sound.

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