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Good ‘ole gay marriage rant.

on February 25, 2011

Warning, rant ahead (in case the title wasn’t clear enough)…

So, um, ahem, don’t mind me but, um:

*steps on soapbox*

WHAT the HELL is wrong with people?!?!?!?!? I just saw on facebook that a county clerk from Imperial County in California has joined the fight to “preserve” prop 8. Because, you know, it NEEDS preserving.  Isn’t it enough that the third US Court of appeals already said that the DEPUTY clerk did not have standing to defend it? So now the county clerk is stepping up? What are we going to do, go through every single petty governmental official to see if any of them have standing to defend that biased pack of lies packaged as Prop 8? Give it up already people! I don’t understand why others have to be so fixated on taking away the rights of people they know nothing about, care nothing about, who have done nothing to harm them and simply want to live in peace.

*steps off soapbox and takes a few deep breaths*.

Whew. Sorry about that folks. It just gets to me sometimes, you know? I’m originally from California (born and raised), and so in 2008 when the election results were announced and Obama won, I don’t remember feeling happy that he’d won… I remember sitting in my car on the phone with my best friend while we both cried as we found out that Prop 8 passed.  And then I remember walking through my day looking at the people around me wondering which of them hated me- even though they didn’t know me. That cashier who just smiled and chatted with me and told me to have a nice day- did she vote for prop 8? Would she still have been so friendly if she knew I was gay? What about that guy? Did he vote for prop 8? And so on and so forth. And I know I wasn’t alone, all across California that day GLBT people and allies were feeling the shock, and all across the US that shock has been replayed over and over and over as different discriminatory bills get pushed through different congresses or passed by different voters.

Mostly I have a thick skin. Mostly I try to adopt a “we shall overcome” attitude, and look forward to a day when we DO overcome. But every once in awhile, it gets to me. Every once in awhile I am shocked out of my shell by a new development, a new act of hatred or a new sign of just how far people will go to deprive me and my community of our rights.  Like that stupid, petty county clerk. Or every stupid jerk who still drives down the freeway with their “Support Prop 8” bumper sticker. It gets to me. Sorry guys. Tonight was just one of those nights.


2 responses to “Good ‘ole gay marriage rant.

  1. LaurieAnn says:

    I’m with you!! I just don’t get it. Your post reminded me of a funny story though that will surely make you smile….

    My wife and I went on an all lesbian cruise (Olivia) to the Mexican Riviera for our honeymoon in October of 2008. The boat docked and several thousand lesbians unloaded. There was a sea of us. I would have loved to have had a bird’s eye view of all of us marching down that dock!

    At the end of the dock was a lovely little restaurant which attracted a good number of us. So, now all the happy-we-are-on-vacation lesbians piled into this outdoor restaurant and filled it up (read: we occupied 98% of the tables). We were happily chattering to each other across the tables when suddenly a silence fell heavy over us. There was a woman at the bar wearing a bright shirt that said “NO ON PROP 8” in huge, block letters on the back. Oh boy.

    Cue the whispers, gasps and points. After a minute or two of “I wonder what she thought when she saw us all coming!” moments, a very nice -very, very butch- lesbian trotted over to her. We all watched in awe as she chatted with the enemy and then walked back to her table. A minute or so later, no-on-prop-8 lady left and she returned wearing a different shirt.

    None of us know what was said during their brief conversation, but it was enough to get her to remove the shirt… but still be comfortable enough to return to the restaurant. That’s one more for us. 😉

    • lezbemoms says:

      Ha! That is pretty funny. I can only imagine the look on her face at being surrounded by lesbians….

      Thanks for stopping by the blog! I went over and checked yours out- your little Pea is adorable! =) Congrats on having such a cutie. =)

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