Raising a Blended Family

Tooth Numba 2

on February 24, 2011

Well, Thing Two is officially a Big Girl… she lost her second tooth today! The funny part is, both the teeth she’s lost were the ones on the bottom in the center… so now when she smiles there’s a big rectangle-sized hole where her two teeth should be- it’ adorable. We’re calling her Toothless, and tonight we tucked her into bed with many assurances that yes, the tooth fairy would come again just like last time, and yes she needed to be a big girl and not get out of bed or the tooth fairy wouldn’t come (boy, that tooth fairy character sounds a lot like Santa, huh? Maybe they’re relatives). AWWWW! Thing Two is growing up!

In other news… anybody ever had a conversation with their boss while holding a (used) OPK? As of today, I have! The test was actually just the digital test holder, minus the pee stick, and it was in a baggie in my pocket on its way back to safety in the drawer of my desk (I keep them at work so I can test in the afternoon, since that’s when everyone says you’re supposed to test).  My (male, very formal and uptight) boss stopped me on my way out of the bathroom (who does that?) to have a chat about how some experiments were going. I sat there, playing it cool, with one hand still in my pocket holding the baggie that contained the STICK I’D JUST PEED ON… thinking Oh, well, this is nice. Nice and awkward. Please don’t ask me to hold that stack of papers for you, Mr. Boss, because I’m terrified that if I remove my hand from my pocket to assist you, the baggie containing the stick I just peed on will accidentally fall on the floor and you will see it and then we will be having a whole OTHER conversation (because he would totally go there) that I would SO RATHER NOT HAVE with you, at all, ever. So can we please just move on? Please? Thankfully he let me go after what was, for him, a very brief conversation, and for me felt like ages, I retreated to the safety of my desk and put the OPK back in the toiletries bag where it belonged! Phew.

Yeah, awkward moments. We have them around here.


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