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Weekend Pics

on February 22, 2011

YAY we found the camera! And by “we,” I mean me, and by “found,” I mean came across while searching in the couch cushions for the darn remote.  Whatever. Semantics aside, the camera has been found! Sweet!

So we’d been planning on going skiing this past weekend for months. MONTHS. It was our delayed Valentine’s Day gift to ourselves, since I had to work on Vday and it was a weeknight and all. This trip had been on the books for quite a long time.  We almost went a couple weeks ago instead, but thought we’d have a nicer, more leisurely trip if we went with the original dates, so even though C was anxious to hit the slopes, we waited.  “But honey,” she said, “What if all the snow melts between now and then?” “Don’t be silly,” I said. “It’s February.”

That's us. =) Hi!

Ha. Little did I know. Between that conversation and this past weekend, Indiana decided it was Spring- 60 degree temperatures and all. Bye-bye snow! We were upset (probably the only ones in the state sad to see the snow gone), but we made alternate plans… and drove up to Michigan instead! It was a great weekend, just because we were together (sans Thing One, who was with her dad)…. minus the fact the C decided to hurl herself headfirst down the steepest slope on the hill.


Oh, what, I didn’t mention that little detail yet? Yeah, so, my future wife… my wonderful, loving, incredible future wife.. is the MOST. ACCIDENT. PRONE. PERSON. I KNOW. Not exaggerating. She poked herself in the eye the other day… with a nail. She regularly falls down the stairs. She burns herself cooking ANYTHING (needless to say, I am the cook in the family).  If there is a way, she will get hurt- I swear I spend most of my time caring for her injuries. Lovingly. (I love you honey!)

C. Speaking of injuries, this was the first fall of the day (2 seconds after getting her skis on)

So why I thought that sending her down the hill on two match sticks at high velocity was a good idea, I’ll never know.  And why I then decided to let her go down the hill alone, while I went to the lodge to read and rest my poor tired legs, I’m even less sure. But I did, for a good solid few hours, until I decided my legs had had enough of a break and I’d like to cuddle up to her on the ski lift again and head down some slopes. No sooner did I head outside though, than I saw her limping towards me, tears streaming down her face. As she collapsed into my arms, she told me she wiped out. (Well, duh). And that she’d gotten air and crashed and slid down the mountain. (Ouch but still not entirely unexpected- it’s her). And that the ski patrol had wanted to evacuate her off the mountain but that she wouldn’t let them, and had instead insisted on skiing down the mountain on her possibly-broken-but-we-later-decided-just-twisted ankle, even though she was dizzy and couldn’t tell up from down.  (I forgot to mention she’s stubborn too).

Completely typical.

See what I mean with the accident-prone thing? So needless to say, our ski trip ended a little early (which I was not at all upset about, my poor legs had had it anyways). Fast forward through a bunch of ibuprofen, alternating heat and ice, and a lot of swearing, and C is almost as good as new and we have moved on to laughing about it and rolling our eyes at how typical it all was (oh wait, that last one’s me).

It was a really great weekend!

The end!


2 responses to “Weekend Pics

  1. lezbemoms says:

    Hmph, You didn’t mention that it was spring skiing so we were pretty much skiing on slush and ice, and it’s incredibly hard to turn. I will admit, it hurt, shoot it still hurts, but it was really fun, and I can’t wait till next winter to do it all over again. Only this time we are going when it’s powder on the ground!

  2. A (A&K) says:

    Great story and C, sorry about the wipeout. 🙂 Love the pics!! Thanks for sharing!!

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