Raising a Blended Family

Post-Dr.’s Appointment

on February 16, 2011

Well, this morning I had my Dr.’s appointment for my annual Pap smear, insulin levels check, and general pregnancy questions… except notsomuch with the insulin levels, since I ate breakfast this morning and nobody told me you have to fast beforehand apparently, I should have known to fast beforehand, said the nurse practitioner. Well damn. I knew those rice kris.pies were a bad idea.  So I’m going back in tomorrow to get bloodwork done for that.

In the meantime, the lady asked me lots of questions about getting pregnant but didn’t generally seem helpful, or approving. But maybe she was.  Maybe I was projecting, feeling like she was uncomfortable when in reality I was the one uncomfortable, because I was, you know, sitting there with all the protection of a paper sheet between my naked body and this slightly hostile woman. Sure, it’s a possibility- but I don’t think so. You know how when you’re talking to someone and they find out you’re gay, and you can immediately tell if they’re comfortable or not? Yeah, it was that intuitive feeling I was getting from her, that she was NOT comfortable. Sigh. Oh well.

She did ask about the “donor.” I told her we were using Northwest sperm bank.  She nodded as I rattled off our list of reasons to wait to pick a donor (wanting to make sure he’s still “in stock” when we do go to get pregnant being the main one). She told me I should start taking folic acid (“This early?” I asked. “Why not?” she said.).

I asked her what size duck lips speculum to buy from Amazon. And for a referral to the OB when the time comes (I don’t plan on going back there until I’m pregnant, except for the insulin stuff.).

Overall, it went well. We’ll wait to see what the insulin tests say but in general she said I’m in good health. Yay.


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