Raising a Blended Family

Is it ridiculous…

on February 13, 2011

Is it ridiculous that we already have our baby’s name picked out, when TT isn’t even conceived yet? Well, we do… sort of.  We’ve been throwing names around for awhile now, mostly I think to stay connected to the process of actually having this kid even though we’re forced to wait in order to do so.  So anyways, one day we’re driving to the store and out of the blue, C says… what about _______ for a girl (thought you were gonna get a preview, didn’tcha? NOPE!)? And it was perfect. PERFECT. First and middle. And of course, we’re both in love with the name, but insisting we’ll keep our minds open in anything better comes along… but it won’t. I can pretty much guarantee you it won’t.  The name just feels right. It’s TT- if she’s a girl. And if she’s a he? Well, we’re covered there, too- we came up with that one in a phone conversation on my drive home from work one evening.  It just fits.  And so, we’ve got baby names… now we just need baby! Ha.

In other news, I have a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday (assuming AF goes away on time). I’m going in for my annual that really is like every-three-years because I don’t like strange doctors poking around down there, and then I’m also going to get checked for signs of diabetes or insulin resistance, which runs in my family.  I’ve been meaning to get it done for awhile now, but now that we’re getting ready to make TT, I want to make sure I’m in the clear, health-wise.  I’m actually looking forward to it- I have a million questions to ask the doctor (who has no idea what’s coming!), including a referral to a good OB and what size speculum I should order from Ama.zon.com! =)  I think C might come with, too- needless to say, we’re both very invested in making sure I am healthy as can be so that we can hopefully minimize any complications with trying to get pregnant. Fingers crossed.

Anyways, I also wanted to share a screaming-baby child story.  I know many of you are in the screaming-baby phase, and so I thought maybe you could relate to the whole kid-melt-down-in-a-public-place, even if the kid I am talking about is 5 and most of yours are much younger. =)  So anyways, of course the kid I am referring to is our Thing One, and the place I am referring to is… my work! Ta-Da!!! I’ve taken to taking TO into work (lab) with me on the weekends, when I occasionally have to run in to do a quick experiment and C is at work.  So today was one of those days, and even though TO brought an abundance of toys with her, she somehow still managed to get bored (poor thing. I do feel bad for her, but it’s a necessary evil).  So we were in the lunch room across the hall from a bunch of labs, and I was pretty sure we were alone, so I wasn’t worrying too much about how much noise TO was making- letting her get some energy out, as it were.  However, eventually TO decided she was bored and frustrated at being bored, and she decided to express that frustration by hurling a toy across the room.  I promptly put her in time out… which triggered a melt down. And not just a melt down… a Melt. Down.  Five-year-old style, complete with kicks, tantrum, and LOUD LOUD lungs. I’m pretty sure the whole building campus could hear her- but keep in mind, I still thought we were alone, so I decided to let her cry it out. I sat her on the couch and told her we would talk when she was calm.  It took awhile- 10 minutes passed and she was still going strong (okay, she was at about 75%, but still. That missing 25% didn’t make too much of a difference). Then 15. We were nearing the 20 minute mark when the door across the hall opened up- a door to a lab that I had mistakenly thought was empty, and which had apparently contained people trying to go about their business whilst ignoring the banshee screaming right outside their door. I was so embarrassed!!! I mean, kids are kids and melt downs happen… but if I’d known there were people suffering along with me I would have been more proactive about tantrum-management, made her sit an empty room, SOMETHING… *hangs head*. Oh well. I do need to find that lady and apologize tomorrow to her… the good news is, I think she has kids of her own and will hopefully be understanding.  Hope hope hope.

That’s all for now, happy Vday tomorrow if you celebrate it and if I don’t manage to get on here tomorrow. TTFN.



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