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Baby’s First Shopping Spree

on February 11, 2011

So I’ve slowly begun gathering things to help with our journey towards conceiving.  Thing Two is clearly going to be a champion shopper, just like his/her mama!

First up, of course, are these:

I know we still have a ways to go before the cycle where we’ll actually be using these to determine when the best day is to insert the swimmers, but in the meantime I figure that using these, plus charting, will help us get a better idea of exactly when I am ovulating each month. Hopefully there will be a pattern predicted by my charts, and we can use the OPKs to confirm it (you like how I did that? Just casually threw in some more fertility lingo from TTC land? I’m learning!).

Next up, I saw this on a website:

They would’ve gotten me on cuteness factor alone (look at that face!), but the fact is, I’m a sucker for anything with quotes on it.  I love words, and quotes, and phrases, and the fact that this is a reference from the Bible when I am not a religious gal does nothing to dissuade me from wanting this onesie.  Plus, I think the quote is perfect, to symbolize the journey we’re on and the emotions that go into every step we take towards Thing Two- I just want to take this and put it somewhere we can see it every day to remind us of the reasons we’re on this journey and to have a positive attitude- especially when if we start getting into the land of negative pregnancy test results. So we’ll see- at $20 a pop plus shipping (not to mention my semi-promise to C not to buy baby clothes until we’re pregnant), I haven’t bought it yet… but I WANT it. So it may only be a matter of time.

The OPKs and adorable baby onesie  aside, I think the purchase I’m most excited about is this book:

I’ve been looking around for information for awhile now online, and it seems like there’s not a ton of it specifically relating to lesbians and conception.  Seriously, I think the most helpful resource I’ve found is everyone else’s blogs (for which I am EXTREMELY grateful!), but it’s left me with many many questions still and some I won’t even know I have until I read the answer in this book!  So I shopped around a bit to see what other lesbos were reading, and this book had quite a lot of people talking.  Plus, I read the reviews and it seems like the book is a helpful mix between a nitty-gritty how-to guide and more generalized advice about the path to conception.  In any case, I am excited and willing to try it, although don’t try buying this book off of A.mazon or eb.ay- it’s selling for about $100, riiiii-diculous, I thought.  I found it on Bor.ders for a decent price though, the only trade off is having to wait a few weeks for it to be delivered, since it’s backordered.  Sigh. More waiting.

In the meantime, anyone else found any good reads out there on lesbian pregancy/conception? Feel free to share, I love reading!


One response to “Baby’s First Shopping Spree

  1. lezbemoms says:

    You forgot to put the BBT thermometer! Not even preggers yet and already forgetting stuff. Good thing I’m helpful


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